Is Your Sales Organization Learning

The oven beeps, you open the door, reach in and grab the cookie sheet. A searing pain shoots up from your burnt hand, you put on an oven mitt and try again. You also probably always use an oven mitt in the future. This is a learning cycle, and one you may have personal experience with.

Learning cycles are made up of a plan, an action, a review of the results and an update to the plan going forward.

The Revolution in Sales

There is a revolution happening in the world of sales technology. Venture capitalists invested $1.4 Billion dollars in startups focused on sales productivity and enablement from 2013-2015, and the new technologies coming out of these companies has forever changed the way selling is done. According to research by High Spot, 55% of sales professionals said their budget for Sales Tech increased this year. The sales technology revolution is here, there will be winners and there will be losers.

Why Work For Your CRM?

At GetGrow our team has implemented CRM systems 15 times across our careers. We are all familiar with the moment when the implementation is finally complete, weeks of thinking, days spent trying to get on the phone with customer support, and hours changing field names, creating workflows and wondering why your integrations are not working, have culminated in this moment. You look at what you have created and ask yourself,

“ is this going to drive more sales?”