GetGrow Features: Funnels

At GetGrow, we recognize that sales funnels are just abstractions of the real work the sales team puts in day-in and day-out. So we asked ourselves why are we using one system to manually track funnel stages and another system to organize our work?

With GetGrow each stage of your funnel is a workflow made up of actionable steps that lead your prospects towards the goal of the stage. For example, one of the stages in your funnel might be converting inbound leads to qualified demos. In GetGrow we decide on the actual activities necessary to achieve that goal and build them into the funnel. For this example that might mean some qualifying research, a phone call followed by an email, and a few days later another phone call this time with a voicemail etc.

Once we successfully schedule a qualified demo, the prospect is moved into a new funnel, maybe a demo funnel that reminds us to ping the prospect before the meeting and run through the necessary pre-demo preparation.

Funnels 2.gif

When we structure our funnel together with our work it means that our team’s to do lists are actually populating data into our CRM. This dramatically increases the effectiveness of the team, because it reduces organizational overhead in two big places. First, the team no longer needs to spend time each day figuring out who they should contact and what they need to say. All these decisions are put into the GetGrow funnels up front, so each morning your team gets their customized to do list based on optimal strategies you created together. Second, your team’s activities and the recording of those activities now all happen in the same place. Before, a salesperson would create their own personal to do list and check things off as they go, and then they would still need to go back later and update the CRM. Now their to do list is automatically created, and the action of checking off an item automatically updates the CRM. 

Combining workflows and to do lists into the CRM unlocks an enormous amount of productivity in your team. Our customers have seen a threefold increase in the amount of activity they can manage. We think you should see what is possible when you free your team from organizational overhead and just let them sell.