Why Work For Your CRM?

You bought your CRM to help grow sales, but how?

At GetGrow our team has implemented CRM systems 15 times across our careers. We are all familiar with the moment when the implementation is finally complete, weeks of thinking, days spent trying to get on the phone with customer support, and hours changing field names, creating workflows and wondering why your integrations are not working, have culminated in this moment. You look at what you have created and ask yourself,

“wait..how is this going to drive more sales?”

Your team roll their eyes when you tell them how insightful the reports might be if they are just diligent about data entry for a few years. 

You bought a dumb database

CRM software evolved out of database marketing. CRMs are just databases, which is to say they don’t do anything. They collect data and relationships between data. Actually, you are the one who is going to need to collect the data and set the relationships, but the database will remember it for you.

Sure you can run reports (unless it is cross object reporting, then you’ll need to hire a CRM administrator), but chances are unless you are dealing with a 100 rep sales team with multiple levels of management you won’t find insights that are new to you or help drive more sales.


The fundamental problem with most CRMs is...

They do not help your rep close the deals she is working on today. They are designed to help your manager, but they ask your rep to do the work, the data-entry. This agency problem undermines your CRM in three important ways according to Tomasz Tunguz -

First, managers must motivate employees to update the database. Second, since employees report data retroactively, the database is always out of date, undermining the accuracy of the reports. Third, the benefit of the software to employees is only visible months or years after filling up the database, when an employee can review the history of a customer interaction for example.

So the solution is...buy a CRM that actively and everyday helps your team close more deals.

The future of CRM

The next generation CRM focuses first on enabling your sales team.

The software guides your team’s activities, which are automatically logged in the database and then the CRM manages and prioritizes your team’s work going forward. Your team then works some more, the database is updated and future work is managed and prioritized over and over again. The software is finally taking an active role in customer relationship management!

But don’t worry about your manager’s reports. Now accurate data and insightful reports become a byproduct of your team working effectively, not the end itself. Even better, because data are collected automatically you can start tracking the most granular of activities. Your rep gets a bigger commission, your manager gets better reports, incentives are aligned, why didn’t we think of this sooner!