225% Increase in Sales Activity

Industry: Computer Software | Type: B2B SaaS | Size: 51-200


The Challenge

This software company with an omni-channel marketing platform was founded in 2006. They allow their customers to harness the power of big data. Michael, the Business Development Manager, joined the company in 2014. When he started, the team of two were handling over seven thousands inbound requests each year.

Michael had put together a thorough process, but he was relying on whiteboard calendars marked up with tape to delineate different sales actions. The process was in place, but without a dedicated system managing his workflow, Michael was spending as much time staying organized as chasing leads. As the number of leads continued to grow the organizational challenges created by the homespun system started to dictate how the team reached out to new prospects. Michael knew they needed a system that could be flexible enough to accommodate any process and scale with their company as they continued to accelerate lead generation.

The Solution

Michael required a technology solution that could manage their high volume of inbound leads and organize new targeted outreach efforts initiated by Michael. GetGrow filled that role and allowed the business development team to continue to reach out to prospects in a personalized way, but with enough automation to allow their process to scale and remain flexible. Michael said that GetGrow allows him time to manage a multitude of communication channels, timing and messages.

“I think that GetGrow is organizational gold.”

Michael integrated their email and outbound dialing process into GetGrow, which was very important. The integration allows GetGrow to automatically record activities, provide email open rates, and populate next steps, an important time saver and efficiency booster.

“I love that GetGrow works natively through our email, it decreases bounce rates and makes everything seem a little more natural.”

Michael’s team has now grown to seven members, and the number of activities each member can manage has increased tremendously. Prior to GetGrow, Michael and his team were averaging 100 activities each per day, but since adopting the platform they have increased that number by 225%, “now we’re averaging 325 activities a day per individual on the team and it sure doesn’t feel like we’re working that hard!” Michael is looking forward to continued success and is excited to optimize their outreach efforts with the activity level success metrics they are getting from GetGrow.


Watch how GetGrow's workflow can increase productivity 225%