We don't think software is smart enough to send emails or make calls on its own. Efficiency is great, but not at the expense of the human touch.

GetGrow gives you the efficiency of sales acceleration without the middle-of-the-night-terror of a machine sending your emails. We call it personalization at scale.


Sales Playbook ⇨ To Do List

Create your ideal sales communication process, phone calls, emails, proposals or any other action step. GetGrow reminds your team what each prospect needs next.


Personalization at Scale

Emails and phone calls are made right from GetGrow. Your team can send completely unique messages, customize templates, or create bulk mail merges. Email is never sent automatically.


Automatically Log Everything

GetGrow tracks your team’s activity. That means no more wasted time logging calls. So instead of hoping your team uses the playbook, you can see who is doing what as it happens.

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