The most efficient sales teams have processes that are consistently followed. Yet most sales playbooks are collecting dust on a shelf.

GetGrow turns your playbook into daily task lists for your team, and gives them the tools to dramatically increase daily activity.


Faster Dialing

GetGrow’s dialing system queues up your calls in one place. Each call shows a full communication history and call scripts so there is no digging around for the right information. After the call, leave notes, move the prospect to a new funnel and update the account all from the same screen.


Better Email

Send single custom emails or send a mail merge to hundreds of contacts. When it is time to followup your team will know exactly what to say with templates for each step, no more wasting time trying to find the right words.


Nothing Falls Through The Cracks

With GetGrow there is always a next step. Your deals won’t depend on someone remembering to followup next week. The next step in the sales process is automatically scheduled each time you complete a task.

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